Central® AC/DC 5~24 Volt Micro Water Pump
Ultra compact DC water pump for OEM applications
  • Compact AC/DC water pump
  • High pressure capacity
  • Durable performance
  • Low power consumption
  • Submersible construction
  • No rotor
  • No ceramic shaft
  • No bearing
  • No impeller
  • Low or no maintenance
Model: N3 5~24V 60Hz 100%
Flow Rate vs. Head Pressure
N3_5-12V N3_5-12V
Performance of pump can be adjusted by input voltage, operating frequency and duty cycle.

Model:N3 5V DC 60Hz 80% Curve Model:N3
N3_5V_Curve closetup
Performance of pump can be adjusted by input voltage (5VDC),
operating frequency (60Hz) and duty cycle (80%).
Temperature Range (Liquid): 10°C ~ 70°C, max -20°C ~ 80°C, 50°F ~ 158°F, max -4°F ~ 176°F
Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ 80°C, -4°F ~ 176°F
Designed Liquid Temperature: 60°C, 140°F
Relative Humidity: Can be lower than 85%
Acceptable fluids: Pure water (distilled water), R-OH solution, and other fluids on request
Inlet & Outlet Size: 4 mm ID, 7 mm OD, 1/4" barb
Pump Dimension: 14.5 mm D x 64 mm L, 0.57" D x 2.5" L
Pressure Head: 0.2 ~ 4 mH2O, 2 ~ 40 kPa, pending input parameters
Operating Voltage Range: 5 ~ 24 V AC/DC (AC: less controller)
Current: 100 ~ 800 mA
Nominal Power: 4W ± 10%
Noise Level: 30 dB ± 15%
Weight: < 30 g, < 1 oz
Operating Life: 44,000+ hours
Drive Signal: PWM
Motor Type: Carbon brushless, micro-reciprocating motor
Installation: Inline and/or submersible
Orientation: Any angle, preferably horizontal
Protection: Clog and thermal protected
Compliance: UL 60950, Standard for Information Technology Equipment


  1. Pump many run dry for a few seconds.
  2. Pump normally can draw water with configuration 1 to 3. For configuration 2, the maximum height (H) should not exceed 100 mm for normal operation.
  3. The pump can be oriented horizontally or vertically to ground or in any angle. Horizontal to ground is normally preferred.
For OEM use, customization is available, please contact us for more information

Micro Water Pump